Our Wedding: A Few Things We Could Have Done Differently

I've already shared what I feel Sean and I did absolutely right during wedding planning. Here are a few things that we could have possibly done differently looking back.

Not have gotten married during college football season (yeah right!) - Okay, so maybe we couldn’t have done this differently because I was dead set on a Fall southern wedding. We lucked out not having a South Florida game on the weekend of the wedding, but Alabama and Florida didn’t fare such luck as predicted in a previous post. And now that we’re three months away from our one year anniversary, a HUGE USF game is scheduled for our weekend. Hmmm!

So back to our wedding day where a fourth of our guests were diehard Alabama fans and another fourth were Florida fans. Lucky for everyone they were scheduled to play each other that day …lovely.  We have some of the classiest UF alums as friends and class was indeed shown when Bama won the game.  And it was pretty neat seeing all the Alabama fans dancing and singing when the DJ played “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Start the day an hour earlier - Is there every enough time during the day of anyone’s wedding? Ours was no different and I wish we had started getting ready an hour earlier. As soon as my hair and makeup were done, I felt like everything kicked into high gear and the day flew by. Had we had even one extra hour, we would have had a few moments to take it the day in as well as spend more time with our guests at the reception.

Not have left for our honeymoon the morning after the wedding – While I know it’s tradition to leave for the honeymoon right after the wedding reception, I wish we had stayed back an extra day. Since we technically had a destination wedding, almost all our guests traveled and stayed at our hotel. It would have been nice to spend the day after the wedding with everyone and leave for our honeymoon that following Monday.

Some say hines sight is 20/20 but in reality, no wedding will ever be perfect no matter how much planning goes into it. Our day was as perfect as could be in our eyes and my only wish is that I could go back to relive the day!

Reader question: Did you have any hines sight moments after your wedding?


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