Thursday was a very exciting day for me. It was my very first Association of Bridal Consultants meeting where the best of the best in the wedding industry mix and mingle. I was super excited to network with great wedding professionals in the Tampa Bay area! 
Then, the night before the meeting, a surprise guest was added to the list - a Bridezilla! When I saw Krystal's name as the special guest, I instantly knew which 'zilla it was. How could you forget the Clearwater bride with Jolly Trolley issues?


Turns out, the topic of the meeting was Reality TV. Krystal was really sweet and shared her experience of getting married with a camera crew. I could not imagine cameras following me always waiting to capture something crazy. A lot of her vendors were there as well and talked about how it was like for them working around the cameras. We laughed about the trolley and the poor driver and raved about her beautiful hair and makeup. The takeaway, reality TV is not real. Krystal was definitely not like how she was portrayed on the show! Although, throughout the whole meeting I debated whether or not I should ask to take a picture with her. Would that bridezilla surface again? Surely not!

First David Tutura (see September 2010) and now a Bridezilla! I'm on a roll with WeTV!

The meeting was a success! I met fantastic people and made great connections not only for my current job but when I start my own wedding planning business! I am already looking forward to the next meeting!

Home Sweet Mom's Home?

Not only are we smack in the middle of invitiations, programs, menu options, dress fittings, rehearsal dinner locations, and nonstop wedding coorespondance - Sean and I have to find a place to live after the "I Do's" have been said. One of these days my brain will indeed explode! Hopefully it'll stay in tact for the priceless wedding pictures.

Rent. Buy. Rent. Buy. ...  Rent. Buy. That is the topic that sways are decision at least once a day. Yes, this IS the best time to buy a house, granted that you want to stay forever whereever you plop down. Who does that nowadays? Besides, the ultimate goal is to move to Georgia. I miss my multiple story, brick front, big yard homes with basements. In Florida, you pay MORE for a box like home adorned with plastic flamingos in the yard. Charming. So, what's more important, Lake Lanier or the Gulf of Mexico? Red clay or white sand? Big house or little house? Hmm...

Which is better? 1 or 2?

3 or 4?

5 or 6?

If you're starting to feel like you're at the eye doctor, welcome to my life at the moment! So the question that begs is, "What do we do and where do we do it?"

Today, we're leaning on the renting side. It doesn't make sense to buy a house in Florida when we don't want to stay here. But, it also doesn't make sense to spend more in rent than a mortage! I don't need these kind of decisions/stress while wedding planning!

We found the perfect townhome (to rent) in the area we want to live in. So perfect I started arranging wall samples with fabric samples. Then we second guessed the price. We can, but do we want to?

Back to the drawing table and square one! You know that saying from the parent when their daughter gets married, "I'm not losing a daughter, I'm gaining a son?" While that is true, but it really should go like this for my mom, "I'm not losing a daughter, I'm gaining a son AND another person living in my house!" Haha! Home sweet Mom's home it is unless we can make up our minds! I'm sure she'll just LOVE that!

Stay tuned for where and what we end up with!

A Registry Gun & Waterford Crystal

Ready! Set! Zap!

The idea of registering for wedding gifts is super exciting! Especially when you're like Sean and me: both living at home with our parents = not having anything to contribute to our new home/life together. 
No, the coffee pot, shot glasses, and the toaster I racked up in college don't count! Hey, at least I collected the essentials of college student!

Fast forward to our first stop at Macy's - and that registry gun is placed in our hands. The heavens sing! Power! Of course Sean takes off with it - BANG! BANG! BANG! And before we knew it, he racked up over $1000 in Waterford crystal barware. Let me repeat, WATERFORD. I, calmly approach him and ask him, "Honey, can you show me the Waterford section?" All I receive is a blank stare and the response of "What's Waterford?' ... Exactly! Needless to say, you will NOT find any Waterford barware on our registry. 

I then knew it was time to set some ground rules. Even though we had nothing to start with, we didn't need the entire store! And we definitely didn't need Waterford!

Put it down, Sean!

Once I got in the zone, there was no stopping me! I went room by room starting in the kitchen. Martha and I became BFFs that day! She has some great stuff! Sean was a great sport - even though he didn't know what half the items were, or why we would need such things, he kept the pace going. He gave me free reign of the home and decoration so I took full advantage and continued working. 

We had to add some fun things into the mix - of course!

We wrapped it up at Macy's and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and Kolh's. I left Macy's a happy housewife-to-be and arrived at BB&B a sad bratty wife-to-be after Sean told me I couldn't decorate the bathroom in rhinestones! So much for free reign!

I guess we both had to compromise - no Waterford and no rhinestones!