About Me

Hey y’all, I’m Meagan! I’m the epitome of a southern belle who wears pearls and drinks sweet tea, but am currently being held hostage in Florida with my newlywed husband, Sean. One of these days we’ll make it back to my beloved Georgia. We were recently married in a big southern wedding in my beloved peach state.

I’m a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Marketing and I LOVE my USF Bulls! But, like I said, I’m a southern girl who was raised below the Mason-Dixon Line and I love me some SEC football, GO GEORGIA BULLDOGS! I am also one of the biggest Atlanta Braves baseball fans you’ll ever meet!

Some call me the crazy cat lady but I only have two kitties, Chipper Jones (see, big fan!) and Oliver whom I love both oh so much. Besides my husband, animals have my heart.

I’ve been a proud vegetarian for over seven years now and will never go back to being a carnivore. I’m even leaning towards the vegan-ista lifestyle! I have a serious obsession with baking, cupcakes in particular!

I have another passion which is completely unrelated to animals: weddings! I love everything about the wedding industry and have become a successful wedding planner with my company, Southern Glam Weddings & Events!


  1. I happened upon your page while googling Kendra from MS. I am so happy I found your blog! I love all the insights on planning your wedding! Although I hope I'm glamorous, I can't say that I am southern (even though I am living in FL with my fiance far from family and friends ). We're having a difficult time deciding where to have the wedding. Indiana (my hometown) or New York (his hometown) or Florida (our new home)... too many decisions. Either way thank you for at least convincing me that I chose the right dress! Girl, you looked fabulous! I too get called the crazy cat lady and I only have one! (side note: I love that you named one of your cats Salem-Binks. Hocus Pocus is the BEST Halloween movie, ever.)Our wedding will also be sometime in October due to our love of autumn and Halloween. I'm a member of the sorority Alpha Phi and LOVED that you found a way to incorporate your sisterhood in your event! I hadn't thought of that before! Goodluck on the wedding planning! You were a big inspiration!

  2. Hi Nikki!

    Thank you SO much for all your sweet words! I am thrilled that you found inspiration in my wedding planning journey (and nice to know someone else is a crazy cat lady!) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - you will look FABULOUS, and of course, very glamorous in the Kendra dress! I too faced the "what state do we get married in" dilemma, although we were only debating across two states within the same region. I had always dreamed of a southern wedding, so my home state of Georgia became the obvious choice. Try to visualize all the elements that make up your dream wedding and see if that helps in state decision making. Although, I'm sure both of your families would absolutely love a Florida destination wedding; that could be a fun compromise!

    I wish you an amazing wedding planning experience and the absolute best day of your life!