Fabulous Vendors = Fabulous Wedding!

Our wedding vendors were absolutely phenomenal, professional, and so passionate about their work. We could never thank them enough for their hard work, going above and beyond, and of course being patient with me, which was huge. I was one of those brides, you know, the one that had a list or spreadsheet for everything obnoxiously organized in an insanely huge binder. Every single one of our vendors took the time to listen and understand what we wanted, envisioned, and needed. I would highly recommend every single one of our vendors and we appreciated every last detail from the bottom of our hearts.

Our wedding planner and owner of Victoria Belle Mansion, Vickie Brown, became family to Sean and me during our time together. We always looked forward to all of our planning consultations because Vickie was just so much fun to be around. She's the epitome of a Southern hostess and boy, does she know her wedding stuff! She helped me plan my dream wedding and became an inspiration so, I too could one day plan dream weddings for others.

Thank you so much Vickie and all your wonderful staff for truly creating a perfect wedding for Sean and me.

Our photographer, Karen Ann Yontz of Mac + Cheese Photography, was so so so great! When Sean and I first met her for a consultation  we all instantly clicked and got along like old friends.

Karen Ann and her assistant Jessica arrived ready to go on the wedding day. From early that morning to late that night, both lovely ladies were working their camera magic making sure to get each detail. They handled my insanely long shot list like champs (not a single picture I requested was missed!) and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. We have a TON of great photos and I am over the moon of how they turned out! Thanks M+C for capturing the biggest day of our lives! See their blog post of our wedding day: Mac + Cheese Photography * Sean + Meagan Wedding 10.01.11

Our videographer, Kaye Woods Snyder, of White Dress Media, was the perfect example of a trusting client-vendor relationship. At first, I was on the fence about having a videographer and I’m SO glad we did it. When I finally started looking for a videographer (eight weeks before the wedding!) and something about White Dress Media stood out amongst the others. WDM’s reviews were phenomenal, their previous work was stellar, and their industry knowledge was exceptional. These qualities played a HUGE role in my decision to book. Being so close to the wedding, Sean and I couldn't make another trip back to Georgia to meet with Kaye. With eight weeks to go, I could only hope WDM would be available and that my instincts would be right if we could even book them. 

Kaye was able to find some available time on our wedding date and there was no question that WDM was who we wanted. We normally would have never booked a vendor without meeting them first, but WDM and Kaye were different. Kaye was genuine, sweet, and professional and very soon, became our videographer. Our first meeting was during our first look on the wedding day. When you know in your heart something is right, you go with it.

Our day came and went in the blink of an eye and I’m so glad Kaye was there. Having that video is a wonderful reminder of our big day and it captured the details, emotions, and love that we’ll be able to look back on during the years to come. Thank you Kaye and White Dress Media! See our incredible wedding video: Sean & Meagan's Wedding 10-01-11

Sean + Meagan // Cinematic Film from White Dress Media on Vimeo.

We were married by Pastor Ron Daniel who was so inspiring with his incredible faith.

 The most amazing food was cooked by Executive Chef Matthew Premble of Professional Touch Catering for both our wedding and our rehearsal dinner. Our guests raved about how great it all was!

The flowers were all provided by James Mitcham of Details of the Garden. James took my obsession of feathers in the bouquets and turned them into art!

Eric Edwards of Party Central was our fun DJ! He made sure everyone was out on the dance floor having fun!

 Our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake was baked and decorated by Susan Worley of Cakes by Susan. The University of South Florida logo Groom's Cake was AMAZING!

My wedding dress was Maggie Sottero from CC's Boutique and the bridesmaid dresses were Alfred Angelo. Tuxedos were provided by Savvi Formalwear

 Collins Limo and Transport provided our getaway car. Tommy and Kristi Collins provided phenomenal service! 

Calligraphy for our invitation envelopes were done by Diane Berube of Tampa Calligraphy

Charter busses by MTI Limo and Shuttle Service provided guest transportation. (I honestly didn't even see the busses! They were in and out so fast!)

Sara Lewis Jincy Soler of Just Cheer were our "go-to" ladies for wedding details and errands. We LOVE you!

Jimena Lopez captured our proposal and filmed our ceremony. See our wonderful ceremony: Sean & Meagan Phillips Wedding Ceremony

Jason Meek was our Georgia engagement photographer of jm Photographics

Erin Sintos was our Florida engagement photographer of Tin Can Photography. See our blog post of our Florida Engagement photos: Meagan & Sean - Florida Engagement

Such a fabulous team of wonderful vendors. Thank you for making our wedding perfect!

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

The Glamorous Vegetarian

"Glamorous" and "vegetarian" aren't words that are often exchanged together. Usually, "that's not normal" or "weird" are commonly and stereotypically used instead with other misconceptions.

I'm glamorous and I'm a vegetarian.

It started when I was 13 when out to dinner my "well done" steak came to the table and leaked red liquid. That was the first time I had entertained the thought of just how did my food end up on my plate. I didn't eat the steak and never had another one.

The next year in science class we dissected a chicken wing. Never again could I touch, much less eat, a chicken wing. I never learned how to cook chicken because I could never touch it raw. When I rarely ate meat, it was always cooked out of sight by someone else.

Then I started to research how "the animal becomes food" process and I was mortified. I was so naive thinking Old McDonald's farm animals magically and painlessly ended up in the stomachs of millions. No E-I, E-I, O there! Factory farming and inhumane methods are painfully involved. PETA is sometimes a bit overdramatic but there is no hiding how the mass meat industry is running. And no, you oh-so-funny meatatarians, PETA does not stand for "People Eating Tasty Animals."

I gave up all meat once and for all three years ago. Sean and I were visiting Atlanta and went to the Yellow River Game Ranch (an AWESOME place!) Feeding the animals is what you do there but the little baby chickens that ran up to me for food changed the way I would eat from then on.

Had I had any doubt about my decision, the chicken truck we passed on the way home sealed the deal. I believe I cried for the next 10 miles.

It all started with animal welfare but today I'm just plain ol' disgusted at the thought of eating carcass. I've also switched to organic dairy, too.

I've continued my research and have discovered how the world has a sneaky way of using animal byproducts in many meatless foods. I'm no longer safe by just eating something without meat. My biggest discovery that really angers me is gelatin.

Gelatin (or gelatine) is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones.

Nothing glamorous about that! It's in a ton of stuff besides jello. The jello shots many think are just so fabulous are really just down right disgusting. Did you know it's also in many types of yogurt? How about marshmallows, skittles, and Altoids? Even one of my Smart Ones frozen dinners had it listed as an ingredient. Gross!
And PS, some types of cheese has rennet in it. Don't have a clue what that is? It comes from the stomachs of baby cows. Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian FYI.

So, how is being a vegetarian weird, again? I'm weird because I choose to not partake in animal suffering or eating ground up animal body parts? Negative. I'm different because I am educated and stand up for something I believe in. 

Instead of thinking of one being so different than you and (gasp) not normal, try to find out the reason. I guess ignorance really is bliss but I'm speaking out for the ones without voices to wake people up.

No more stereotypes or name calling because being a vegetarian is glamorous!

My Last First Date

2008 - AKPsi Party
 Four years ago today, I had my last first date with the man I would marry. Funny how things turn out the way they do, isn't it?

When I met him a few weeks prior to our first date, I literally told my mom, "I met the man I will marry tonight." Yep, I was indeed correct!

 I had moved to Florida the summer prior and was just starting my second semester of junior year at the University of South Florida when Sean and I met. We clicked instantly!
2008 - Orlando City Walk

2008 - AKPsi Yellow Rose Formal
We've had so many great times together in our four years. We graduated together from the USF - GO BULLS! We've met many amazing people, traveled to many new places, rescued many animals, became engaged, and now we're married living in our own home!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this southern belle would have settled down in Florida with a surfer guy! Somehow it just works and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Best last first date ever! 

How Pin-teresting!

Pinterest - the new addiction of many ladies just like myself. It's amazing and frustrating all at the same time. Example, I love to bake but cooking is a challenge for me (mainly because I'm a vegetarian and my husband is a carnivore) so I turn to Pinterest for ideas and recipes.

Pin! Pin! Pin!

Okay so now I have all these great recipes to attempt and have mountains of new baking recipes that are begging to be put into production. Then the cruel reality slaps me in the face of a motivational pin that states: "Get off your butt and stop jiggling. Work out!" and "Yesterday you said tomorrow"
How evil is that?! Pinterest, you make me fat and then make me feel bad about it? Don't even get me started on your uber cute outfits you pull together and make my head spin while I shop for look alike things. Oh, and those nail designs? Let's be real, the normal person cannot pull those designs off on themselves. What is an addicted girl like me supposed to do now?

Get creative and DIY!

I'm good at that! Not to toot my own horn but that's always been my thing. Some people are numbers and logistic beings. I'm the creative artsy one. Pinterest came after our wedding but heck, I am proud to say our wedding was all done before THE "pin" and the legwork was all mine. But now I get to use Pinterest for decorating our first home together and it's been AMAZING!

First up - our beautiful monogram decal above our bed. The decal was ordered from Etsy and we simply left the back of the frame off. How easy is that? And to think I would have never thought about it myself! What southern girl doesn't love monograms?! Thanks Ten23 Designs for the custom decal!

Apparently Walgreens does poster prints now and they are quite cheap! I made a 20 x 30 for $15 (with a coupon!) Word to the wise, if you are printing professional photos, be sure to have a hard copy photo release form from your photographer.

Next up, bathroom wall art. Simple canvas squares with scrapbook paper. Super easy and very inexpensive!

I gripe daily about the lack of storage space Sean and I have in our cozy apartment. We have one closet. ONE! Thankfully we have a loft which is where our office area will soon be Pinterest-ified! But, our apartment, like most, came with a built in desk area. Being we didn't need it, I decided to turn it into a closet. Big thanks to my wonderful husband for always being prepared to handle my ideas and crafts!

Left - Before     *     Right - After
Whew - needless to say we've been pretty busy! Obviously I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Please keep inspiring me creatively (but stop inspiring my waist to creatively grow!)

Hey y'all - get to pinning and of course, follow me!

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