Bridesmaid Times Take 2!

Here's the Bridesmaid Times Second Edition. It consists of mainly reminders of important details and dates. I LOVE my bridesmaids! They are all amazing and I'm so lucky to have them as friends!
(Some information has been whited out for privacy reasons.)

Tuxedos sans the Ties

Tuxedo time - and Sean left all the coordination to me. I haven't the first clue to men's formal wear! Pleated or straight leg? Single, double, triple button? Our sales consultant at Men's Wearhouse was extremely patient with me and after over an hour, we got it {almost} figured out! As you can see, it was a bit stressful! Haha!

The only snafu, which I'm still not happy with, is that MW did not have one shade of fuchsia for a tie. 15 shades of baby pink, but no hot pink - how does that happen? Looks like Sean and I are personally purchasing 9 fuchsia ties. Lovely! Congratulations groomsmen - you each have just won yourself a hot pink tie! Woohoo! I think our sales lady could see the frustration in my eyes and gave us $10 off per tie. Yay for groomsmen, boo for us! Whatevs!