I'm a Maggie Bride!

My beautiful wedding dress by Maggie Sottero (Kendra style) has earned me a spot on its website! See my story on Maggie Sottero

  I LOVED my Maggie!

Today was a Fairy Tale

I barely remember our bubble send off as it happened so fast! Taylor Swift's "Today was a Fairy Tale" played as we made our exit to our getaway car. It truly was a fairy tale!

Wedding photos courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

Bridesmaids' Gifts

 My bridesmaids were and still are my closest friends that I hold dear to my heart. They're support, patience, ideas, opinions, and help during wedding planning was incredibly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Their bridesmaids' gifts included an embroidered tote bag and make up case, a rhinestone bridesmaid tank top for the morning of the wedding, wedding day jewelry, footzyrolls for the reception, and a card with pictures from our friendship. My sweet ladies deserved the world and I love them dearly!

That Girl Loves Her Pink Shoes

Pink shoes = love. At least for me they do. I had my heart set on hot pink wedding shoes and Lord have mercy did I struggle finding the right pair! I think I purchased six pairs and returned three of them! I just couldn't part with my Barbie shoes so I decided to make them a mini theme of my wedding planning! See all my details!

Shoe 1 - Bachlorette Party Shoes

Shoe 2 - Rehearsal Dinner Shoes

Shoe 3 - Wedding Shoes

And ...

Slippers for getting ready on the big day!

Now the question is, what to do with all my pink shoes?!

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

Our Amazing Wedding Party!

Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were and are absolutely amazing! It was beyond words to have them by our sides that day.

 The guys weren't fun enough to take crazy formal pictures! I love my girls!!

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

Take It Off & Toss It!

Ah, the traditional garter removal and bouquet toss! Whether you love it or hate it, the traditions usually work their way into weddings.

To give my groom a little surprise, I secretly purchased a USF garter (confession, I purchased this before we were even engaged!) Can't forget about the guests now - Sean just had to pretend he took off more than just the garter. Silly boy!

I love this shot of the single fellas going for the garter. The best man was determinded and seized the prize!

Next up - bouquet toss!

Oh my poor new sister caught it and she had no idea what she was in for!

The best man and the groom's sister!

Wedding photos courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

Phi Mu Get Low

Sororities are full of traditions and I incorporated some of the Phi Mu traditions on my wedding day.

I had my "twin" pin my Phi Mu pin on the inside of my dress. 

I also decided to have a candle pass at the reception. 
Candle Pass song : Luke Bryan - Sorority Girl

And then we danced our "nontraditional" Phi Mu Get Low dance.

I LOVE my Phi Mu sisters! 

Wedding Cake & Groom's Cake

To view the complete album, visit Wedding Cake & Groom's Cake

Sean loved his surprise groom's cake - the logo from the University of South Florida. All the USF alums and fans gathered around us and sang the fight song. GO BULLS!

Wedding Cake Cutting Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

First Dance

We practiced and practiced some more for our first dance. Of course, our song was Jack Johnson's "Better Together" as that's been our song from day one. In part of our vows, we even said "Because it's always better when we're together."

Reception Details

To view the complete album, visit Reception Details

I was THRILLED with the way our reception details came out. I fell in love with white feather centerpieces and Vickie did an amazing job turning my vision into a reality!

Here are a few additional photos of the details around our reception area. See where I made most of them here: All in the Details

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

First Look

To view the complete album, visit: First Look

Sean and I struggled with the idea of being traditional or not when it came to seeing each other before the wedding. Every day we went back and forth asking each other if we should do the first look. We decided to do it because the pictures are amazing and we are so glad we chose that route!

 The shot was then recreated with our wedding party in the background.


Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography

The Dress & Details

To view the complete album, visit: The Dress & Details

Remember my post about plastic verses beautiful hangers? Plastic or Beautiful?


Did you see my USF garter? It was a surprise for Sean!

Something Old: My grandmother's pearls that were passed down to me
Something New: Many things, but my beautiful wedding dress from my mom
Something Borrowed: Diamond earrings that were Sean's mother's
Something Blue: That's Victoria's Secret (wink!) and of course the "I Do" shoe rhinestones

I had two sets of jewelry for the day. The pearl necklace and earrings were for the ceremony and the diamonds were for the reception. (I also had two hair styles!)

How could you forget my post about my search for hot pink shoes? These Shoes Were Made for Walking. I have you know I didn't wear either of the shoes I originally found. I kept one pair and wore them for my bachelorette party and returned the other. I found my official wedding day shoes at my bridal salon. Go figure! I'm proud to say I kept them on the entire night! No tacky flip flops for this gal!

And, the "I Do" rhinestone stickers were a huge hit!

Two cat charms were sewn onto my bouquet for my two kitties, Chipper Jones and Salem-Binks. Ladybugs were also sewn onto the bouquet for my sorority, Phi Mu.

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Mac + Cheese Photography