Stride for Strays 2012

October is a jam packed month! Sean and I just finished our fourth Stride for Strays! Every year we fundraise for this event to benefit the Animal Coalition of Tampa

This year I put together a team of people from my work called, Cheetahs for Paws. We raised over $1,400! Woohoo!


Well hello there 26!

Before I knew it again, my birthday had crept up on me and it was number 26. 

And what a great birthday {weekend} it was! 

This is it in a nut shell...

It was a lovely weekend spent with my favorite people at my favorite restaurants and places. I'm now rocking a new Michael Kors watch and black flats as well as a lovely Coach bag. Sean surprised me with a visit to the zoo - did you know you get in free on your birthday?! Did I say I was turning 26? I meant 6! Just kidding, it was truly perfect for me!

It's Better In the Bahamas!

As if we hadn't traveled enough, we hopped on a cruise ship a few days after returning from Atlanta. We were sailing to the Bahamas to officially celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Neither of us had been and it was just what we needed!

First stop, Senor Frogs because we both know that place is always a good time! ... Then, shopping!

The rest of the day we hung out at a little hotel called Atlantis. 

That night, I was fully prepared to watch the wildcard playoff game. For some reason, the game wasn't shown on the boat and thank goodness it wasn't! It was a nasty game with a nasty call causing us to lose! Boo!

 The next day was spent on Carnival's private island, Half Moon Cay. It was gorgeous; I've never seen water so clear and blue. 

And what cruise would be complete without towel creations?

The Bahamas was a perfect way to celebrate an incredible year! I'm so lucky to be in love with my best friend!

An Evening with the Giuliana & Bill

Bill and Giuliana Rancic came to USF as part of the University Lecture Series. Sean being the supportive husband, tagged along with me to see them. I had always watched Giuliana on E! and admired her style. I had no idea what kind of struggles she went through though. Her story was so inspiring and the love between her and Bill was adorable!

Both Bill and Giuliana signed my book after the lecture. I wasn't able to get a photo (I was NOT happy about that!) but we did have to sign a release waiver because their show was filming that night.

(December edit: Yours truly made the show for split second! Look for me on the season finale in the audience!)

"Put YOU on your own to do list." - Giuliana

Farewell #10

Just thinking about writing this post has my eyes welling up with tears! Here goes nothing...

We had known the weekend was going to give us grief for months. This is how our calendar looked:

Friday: Chipper Jones Tribute at Turner Field

Saturday: Event Class for Meagan / USF vs FSU football game at home

Sunday: Last regular game of the Braves season, AKA, Chipper's last regular home game

Monday: Our one year wedding anniversary
We wanted to attend everything but it wasn't physically possible. We made it all events minus Friday's tribute game. We instead watched it stream live online. 

I ran out of my event class on Saturday and we headed to the USF football game. Immediately after the game we drove to Atlanta and arrived around 3:30am. The next morning is when Sean surprised me with a visit to our wedding venue, Victoria Belle. I could have spent all day there but my heart was begging to be taken out to the ballgame.

And so we went!

Oh I cried like a baby when Chipper game up to bat his final time. As tired as we were, it was so worth it to be there that day!

It just won't be the same without you, Jones. Forever #10!

It was a long ride back to Tampa after that game.

Married One Year Back and Back at Victoria Belle Mansion

One year ago I married my best friend at Victoria Belle Mansion. It was only fitting that we went back to take our "one year" picture!

It was an incredible year! And since we're no longer newlyweds, the Southern & Glamorous Newlywed is now the Southern & Glamorous Wife!