David Tutera and the Crazy Cat Lady

You know that feeling that you sometimes get when you know something big is about to happen? This girl right here has it and has no earthly idea how to deal with it. It also doesn't help that I have a feeling two big "things" (for the lack of a better word) are on the horizon. 

Top Photo: David Tutera Wedding Courtesy of Allergo Photography * Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Food Inc
My passions in life can pretty much be summed up in two words: Weddings {and} Animals. I find these two photos to the right completely inspiring and fascinating for two completely different reasons.

 I know what you're thinking, "This girl is insane!" and sometimes you're right. When you have a knack for something you know it and I've known for a very long time I have a knack for wedding planning and animal welfare. 

So bring on David Tutera and the veggie burgers because those feelings I have are about to turn into reality really fast. I'm just not sure how to get from where I am now to where I want to be. 

This wedding planning fever started awhile ago. I'm talking like when I was little and comprehended that I was a perfectionist. In elementary school I first noticed that I would rewrite/restart my notes if I messed up (and I still do to this day!) My Lisa Frank binder was completely organized and I matched my hair ribbons to my outfit. I looked forward to art class and absolutely hated anything to do with math. In high school I obsessively scrapbooked and couldn't get enough of HGTV's Trading Spaces.

Fast forward many years, lots of parties later, and the discovery of David Tutera. I found myself planning my own wedding and it clicked. I was meant for this insanely detailed organized creative industry. Attending one of David Tutera's planning sessions was just icing on the cake!

So now we are here at present day and I am getting things together to start my own wedding planning business. And. It. Is. Scary! I have so many great resources and ideas but it's almost overwhelming. Websites, logos, trademarking, certifications, networking, referrals, venues, etc! My head is spinning but I'm getting there a little at a time. I'm not known for having patience but one of my two big feelings is this new opportunity! Get ready because here I come ...soon!

Yes, this is MY desk!
My next big thing is my love for animals and their welfare. Get caught up on my recent post, The Glamorous Vegetarian

Every day I am learning new ways to better the lives of animals as well as my health. It goes beyond factory farming too. I've earned the infamous nickname of The Crazy Cat Lady because I am such a sucker for kitties. Dogs don't be jealous though! 

{side story here...}

Picture me driving home from Georgia with Sean in the passenger seat. I see a dog running loose on the side of the interstate so I immediately pull off onto the shoulder of the road, jump out of the car, and run after the dog. I know, "That girl is REALLY insane!" Come to find out, there were three dogs that had been dumped onto the interstate left for the unthinkable. THREE. One full grown German Shepherd, one half grown Bull Mastiff mix, and one Pit Bull puppy. It took a couple Pop-Tarts and cheese crackers but we got those three dogs into the back of my SUV and drove the three hours back to Tampa. My mom wasn't too happy to find three huge strange dogs in her backyard that night but I could not have left them. Three weeks later, we had successfully found loving and forever homes for them. That experience was probably one of the dumbest but best decisions I have ever made. But, it's what I do.

Many other lives have been spared since then and I blame it on my heart just not being able to take the heartbreak. I have a wonderful group of people that aid my efforts (I'm not the only crazy one y'all!) and I give back to many organizations through fundraising and volunteering.

That's where big feeling number two comes into play. I feel like I've got a job to do and that's set an example of someone who wants to change the world. C'mon, who doesn't want to change the world?! In the grand scheme of things my goal would be to plan fabulous weddings in a world where there is no more animal abuse, hurt, neglect or animals without homes. (I feel the same way about people, I'm just the Crazy Cat Lady, remember?)

So now the question begs, just how do I focus my attention on my wedding planning business while actively working on bettering the lives of animals more than I currently am? (I'm a perfectionist, I can do better and more, duh!)

Whew, this is just too much for one gal to handle! I think I'm going to leave it up to faith to take it from here. I've been told I can plan a heck of a wedding and today someone said they wanted to live a passionate life like I do. I guess I am right where I need to be. Just call me "The Crazy Cat Vegetarian David Tutera Lady" in the making! Jesus take the wheel!

March 13th : Spartacus ♥

March 13th : Spartacus ♥
30 Day Photo Project

March 5th : Binks the Vampire Kitty!

March 5th : Binks the Vampire Kitty!
30 Day Photo Project

Wild at Heart

Lions, tigers, and waffles .... oh my?

Sean and I had breakfast at the zoo for Adopt an Animal Appreciation at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo on Saturday. My mom's work sponsors a zoo animal so we got to chow down with the beasts! Such a sweet event that provides breakfast, a mini presentation, and then access to the zoo before it opens to the general public.

Tampa's zoo has been ranked the #1 zoo in the country and it really is awesome! What other zoo lets you feed giraffes, ride camels, and walk into a wallabie exhibit?

And lets a llama named Angie walk around?

Lowry Park Zoo definitely has my vote for best zoo ever! We also received a complementary ticket to come back again anytime this month. Happy girl right here!

A few weeks ago Sean and I also visited one of my favorite places, Big Cat Rescue. Y'all, this place is AMAZING! It is an educational sanctuary for rescued big cats; it is unreal how close you can get to these incredible animals! Of course, you cannot forget these cats are here because of cruelty (circuses, fur farms, drugs, etc) but it is nice to see there is a happy ending to their stories. Find out how you can help these big cats at Cat Laws.

 If you make a trip to Tampa, definitely make sure to stop by both Lowry Park Zoo and Big Cat Rescue! 

March 4th : Sunday Morning Blogging

March 4th : Sunday Morning Blogging
30 Day Photo Project

Words to Live By

"Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."- Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

I must say I was pretty super excited to find out The Lorax was being made into another movie. You see, ever since I laid eyes on that ball of fur I've been in love with the story because it has such a great message. I watched the original movie in my college Environmental Science class and being it was a Dr. Seuss story, it was amazing.

Sean took me to see the new movie last night and it was really cute! It was different than the first movie as this one was obviously geared more towards the younger generation. I really appreciate that though as planting the "seed" (no pun intended!) in children today will bring a better tomorrow.

We have annual passes to Orlando's Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and Seuss Landing is one of my favorite spots! Getting my picture taken with the Lorax is a must every time! He's just so dang cute!

If you have no earthly idea who this Lorax animal guy is, it is time to find out! The story teaches us to stand up for what you believe in. I LOVE this because I am so passionate about animal rights. Sometimes it feels like I hardly make any progress in my efforts but Dr. Seuss reminds me otherwise. Thanks, Dr. Seuss and happy belated birthday!

March 1st : Married 5 Months

You see people doing it all the time - a 30 photo project or 365 photo project, etc. Since I've never done it before and never really used Instagram, I thought I'd start the fun with a 30 day project. Something unique about that day or what I did that day will be photographed. Bless those who can keep up 365 days! Without further ado, I introduce my first photo:

March 1st : Married 5 Months
30 Day Photo Project