Welcome One, Welcome All!

Our wedding guests traveled to get to our wedding. Whether they traveled from Florida, across the country, or from Atlanta, they traveled. Most guests opted to spend the wedding weekend at the Fulford-Phillips Hotel, aka the Wingate by Wydham LaGrange. To show a little appreciation of the "over the river and through the woods to the Fulford-Phillips wedding they go," we made Welcome Bags for everyone. Ta-da!

Welcome to Our Wedding Weekend

Water bottles with customized labels
Georgia Peanuts
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Chick-Fil-A Coupons
Varsity Hats
LaGrange Maps & Things to Do in the Area
Folder Full of Information

In the folder were wedding contacts, a wedding day itineary, an invitation to the Welcome Party at the Grand Hotel the night before the wedding, and information on the Wedding After Party.

We wanted all of our guests to feel welcomed and appreciated as well as informed. Big shout out to the Brandon Krispy Kreme, the Troup County Chamber of Commerce, and the fine ladies at The Varsity - "What'll ya have?!"

The Songs of the Fulford-Phillips' Wedding * The Cocktail Hour

Being the gal I am, I didn't want boring music for the cocktail hour much like the ceremony . I chose to stay consistent with having one orchestra provide music for this transitional time - fun, yet sophisticated, music! It's all strings! Allow me to introduce you to my friends over at the Vitamin String Quartet. Amazon them to see just how much of a music selection they have. Here's my own playlist - most of the songs can be heard on youtube! 

Bittersweet Symphony : Listen

Love Story : Listen

Brown Eyed Girl

Don't Stop Believing : Listen

1,2,3,4 : Listen

Sweet Home Alabama : Listen

Fireflies : Listen

God Only Knows : Listen

Sweet Child O' Mine : Listen

Hey Ya : Listen

Bad Romance : Listen

Viva La Vida : Listen

F*ck You : Listen

Drops of Jupiter : Listen

Thriller : Listen

Stairway to Heaven : Listen

Too bad Sean and I weren't able to attend the cocktair hour to hear it! I hope everyone liked it that was there!

Wedding Video! (It's AMAZING!)

We were lucky enough to have the best videographer, Kaye Woods Sydner of White Dress Media, to shoot our wedding. Yall, she was really amazing! Check out our video!

The Sounds of the Fulford-Phillips' Wedding * The Ceremony

The big music reveal is upon us. Well, it may not be big to all, but I really loved all my music. I didn't want anything traditional and wanted all songs to be handpicked and meaningful. 

Seating of the Grandmothers and Step Mother

Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany's

For anyone that knows me knows I love Audrey Hepburn and the classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Remember our Tiffany & Co engagement cake? If not, go here: Becoming a Mrs.: The Surprises Keep Coming!

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath


Carrie Underwood got the idea from me, thank you!

Entrance of the Bride

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Performed by Vitamin String Quartet

Ah - Grey's Anatomy! 


All You Need is Love by The Beatles
Performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Who doesn't love the Beatles?

Hope you like my selection as much as I did!

It's All in the Details

Details. Details. Details. They were all around on the wedding day and pretty much consumed my life the months leading up to it. What's a wedding without details anyways? I made everything match our invitations right down to the same design.

Place Cards & Table Numbers

To make things easier on guests, I assigned tables. It would eliminate lost wandering guests loaded down with plates of food searching for open seats.

Menu Cards

I felt menu cards were essential because I've been to weddings where I have no idea what is being served. I'm a bit complicated because I'm a vegetarian so I would like to especially know what I am about to eat. Plus, menu cards give the guests strategies on what part of the buffet to hit first!

 Donation Cards

My personal take on favors: please don't let them be tacky or cliche'. I'm just not a fan of personalized favors with the couple's name and wedding date. If it's not edible, charitable, or useful then what really is the point? Spend the money elsewhere. Sean and I decided to go the charitable route and made a donation to my favorite animal organization, Animal Coalition of Tampa, instead of donations. 

These cards sat on top of the menu cards



Memorial Table

Unity Candle

Made with scrapbook paper and ribbon

Phi Mu Sorority Candle Pass Candle
Made with glitter ribbon and pearl bouquet wrap

Display Photos

All details of love. Look for them in the wedding photos and video!

Married for a Month!

Exactly one month ago I married my best friend. One month already? My how time flies!

I'm a Mrs.!

I'm so excited to get back to blogging and sharing the best day of my life! I have so many things to say and show so please keep that patience because it will take a little while. 

October 1, 2011 was absolutely perfect! We could not have asked for better weather - high of 73 degrees... a perfect Fall day! Don't you worry; many blog posts will come with the details. For now, here's a fun snapshot of our day:

Since Sean and I said "I Do" that great day, we spent a week in beautiful St. Lucia and moved in together. We chose the renting route :) Married life has been amazing! Stay tuned for more updates!