More Bridal Showers Bring More Wedding Flowers!

Fast forward to the next weekend and I am yet showered again! My amazing Aunt Lynn threw me a wonderful shower for my Georgia family and friends to attend. It was lovely getting to see my family and friends that I don’t often get to visit with. It was one great time!

As you can see, we made sure to take LOTS of family and friend pictures. Makes good practice for the wedding!

Bridal Showers Bring Wedding Flowers

Saturday my lovely future sisters and Florida bridesmaids threw me an amazing bridal shower. The decorations, food, games, and company were simply fabulous!

The Decorations

The Games

The Laughs

The Gifts

Thank you everyone!! It was lovely!

Vows and Pig Skin

Once upon a time before Sean and I were engaged I told him I wanted a fall wedding in the South. September would be a great month but as crazy as it sounds, I didn’t want to get married with anything that reminded me of 09/11. That’s just me. October is my birthday month and November would be too cold for an outdoor ceremony. That’s pretty much where the conversation ended. Secretly in my mind I toyed with every possible date, including the ever so popular 09/10/11 and 11/11/11. Now, let’s fast forward to the engagement and the beginning of the real wedding plans. I told Sean I wanted the date 10/01/11 and I couldn’t really give a good reason why except I liked it and it adds up to 22, our monthly dating anniversary date (cue the “aww!” now.) It also looks neat written out with numbers – call me nuts but I wanted it. We made it official by signing the venue contract July 2010. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s our’s!

One December morning, Sean hears a guy call in on the radio show he listens to daily. “Dude, I’m getting married this Sunday. The AFC Championship game is this Sunday and I’m a HUGE Jets fan. What do I do? Can I cancel the wedding?”

Seconds later I receive a panic phone call from Sean, not even saying “hi” to me. The first thing out of his mouth, “DO. YOU. REALIZE. WE. ARE. GETTING. MARRIED. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. COLLEGE. FOOTBALL. SEASON?” Now let’s pause for a moment –

I am the true definition of a southern belle. We take SEC football very seriously and my Georgia Bulldogs are held very close to my heart. However, I was able to keep things in perspective. Wedding > Football. Sean didn’t seem to have his priorities straight.

I swear Sean counted down the days until the season’s game day schedule was released. I do believe both of us were praying for a BYE week for USF, and I am fairly certain it was for different reasons! 

Low and behold, we did have a game scheduled for October 1st. Not just any game, USF verses Notre Dame. …Only the biggest game of the season. …Only the game Sean has obsessively talked about for the past two years. ...FANTASTIC! 

Months go by and I guess our awesome God sided with me and preferred a wedding. Both our prayers were answered by 1.) The USF/Notre Dame game was moved to a different weekend AND 2.) USF is playing the Thursday before the wedding. How crazy is that?

Now we can’t say our friends and families had the same fortune. Unfortunately, Alabama will play Florida that day. Naturally, being Sean’s from Florida, we have many UF fans in attendance. Then there are the MANY family members and friends on my side who are Alabama fans. I can see it now – a big brawl out on the front lawn of Victoria Belle after the game ends. I guess you can’t win them all, right?

I talked to one of my sweet friends/bridesmaids today; both her and her boyfriend are graduates of the University of Alabama. Here's a tidbit of our conversation about the Bama/Florida game:

Rosalie: Adam has already asked about TVs at the reception. Thank goodness the game isn’t in Alabama or I’d be dateless!

Meagan: Thank goodness USF isn’t playing that day or I’d be groomless!

PRAISE THE LORD Georgia isn’t playing Georgia Tech that day – I then would be in the same boat Sean was in! 

How much do you want to make a bet that the Braves will be in the playoffs this year? Luck just doesn’t extend THAT far does it?! For one night (during college football season) let’s all get along and play nice, PLEASE! (I know that’s a lot to ask!) And guys, no huddling in the corner the entire night on cell phones watching the game! I promise we’ll have something to accommodate you!

Until then – GO TEAM!

Rolling with the Punches

So we’ve hit the two month mark! It was very ironic that I just met a Bridezilla and what soon followed in the next week. What was expected to be a moment of celebration turned out to be Bridezilla transformation day. You know that clever guy Murphy that said, “What can go wrong, will go wrong?” Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be that dramatic because more serious things could go wrong, but it just wasn’t my day!

First – we found a cute apartment with a loft to rent. We signed {another} lease and put down {another} deposit. So currently, we have two places to live; a townhouse and an apartment. Let’s just say a life lesson was learned on that one! We chose the apartment but it had a move in date of August 15th as in next Monday! No, no – that would not work being that we want to move in during September. “No worries” said the leasing consultant, "We’ll put you on the wait list; #1 for a September move in date." [It was too early for move out notices to be turned in so it was a great chance we’d get a September date.]

Long story short, we seized the September move in date for literally 5 seconds until it was stolen from us from another tenant. [Enter Bridezilla Step #1 here] Finding that unacceptable and after many conversations with the manager, we now have a September 25th move in date.

Not five minutes later I received word of some bad wedding etiquette from *Bob. (*names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) [Enter Bridezilla Step #2 here] Bob had to nicely be informed of how certain things work in the wedding world. If you’ve never planned a wedding, you have no idea the costs involved. I get that most people have only attended a wedding or got married many years ago. As much as Sean and I would love to invite every single person we know, we just cannot. We are having an adult only wedding and I’m sure there are people out there that don’t agree with that but that’s fine. I only ask that you respect my wishes as you’re my guest. 
We do not get a discount “per head” price for children. In a caterer’s mind, they are people that will eat the average meal. In a bartender’s mind, they are people that will consume the average amount of alcohol. People are people. Plus, I have been to weddings were children were present and let me tell you, they looked miserably bored and took to crawling on the floor/screaming to entertain themselves. Not going to happen at my wedding and besides, what parent wouldn’t like a night out with their spouse without the kids? Sounds like a parents’ dream to me!

And the hits keep coming – the Get-Away car from the venue at the end of the night has seemingly become a major issue and inconvenience. Once upon a time I wanted a timeless Bentley or Rolls Royce. Sean wasted no time in bringing me back to reality on that one and I found a limo to be acceptable. Limos, being pretty inexpensive to rent for an entire evening, are completely opposite for one way transfers. $300 for a 20 minute ride? I don’t THINK so!  Okay, now it wouldn’t be such a big deal had this snafu popped up on a different day. Seeing as I was already HOT! HOT! HOT! from the previous problems, I was not in the mood. 

I decided I would rent a car. I have rented multiple cars before, even being that I am under 25 with an impeccable rental record, so why would I have a problem now? Apparently Mercedes and BMWs cannot be trusted to persons under the age of 25 and as the Hertz representative so nicely stated, “Them cars are expensive” … Them cars are expensive. Hmm, I had no idea! She offered me a Kia. At that point I had had enough and politely discontinued the conversation.  [Enter Bridezilla Step #3 here]

But, wait, there’s more! The fun doesn’t stop there. In a previous post, I mentioned my struggle with Men’s Warehouse over fuchsia ties for the groomsmen. After discovering they did not have the color I wanted, I was told I could either purchase the ties myself or buy fabric and have them made. Seriously? They ended the conversation with, “Other than that, there is nothing we can do for you.” Well that’s customer service at its finest right there. [Enter Bridezilla Step #4 here]

Men’s Wearhouse partners with the Wal-Mart of bridal shops, David’s Bridal. I personally cannot stand David’s Bridal but like Wal-Mart, its everywhere and has an array of options when it comes to the bridal party. David’s Bridal had my color pink, so why wouldn’t Men’s Wearhouse have something to pair it with? They’re answer – “We have a close shade of pink called Tuscany because it has grape vines on it” … Enough said. Apparently you will NOT like the way you look.

As if I didn’t have enough to stress over, that coming up weekend I went for my first dress fitting. Fitting went great – but the alterations that came along with it almost sent me into cardiac arrest. I already paid for the fabric. Now I’m paying for the fabric to be cut up, modified, and removed. I didn’t have any more energy and I knew this would send me way over budget. I had no choice but to hand over the plastic. 

Needless to say our two month countdown mark was less than to be desired. We all know I strive for perfection and want the fairytale. You won’t believe it but I do know there will be things that go wrong and I cannot control everything – as much as I may try. The moving parts of the wedding are really starting to get going and the stress is starting – but that’s to be expected. For my sake and your's, please abide by this:

Please don't set out to make my planning any more complicated than it already is. It is truly about the bride and there's not much room for others on that day other than the groom [trying very hard to not sound like a self absorbed bridezilla - speaking from a planner's perspective.] If you commit to something, take responsibility and do it. It's that simple!

The “never let them see you sweat” attitude has flown out the window because honestly, it just happens. It wouldn’t be a real “trials and tribulations” of my wedding planning experience if I didn’t put the hard stuff in here! So, here’s to the last two months of planning. Regardless of sweat and stress, I’m getting married and to a wonderful guy at that!