Post Wedding Blues & Bliss

Six months ago my whole life changed for the better when I said, “I do” to my best friend. And I can officially say I feel married and “wife” has sunk in. To be honest, it seems like years ago that we got married because we have been so busy merging our lives together and creating our home. 

I’ll admit, and so will any of my close friends and family, I had the post wedding day blues like no other. It was especially hard for me being that I work, breathe, sleep, and live weddings not only in my current job of wedding insurance but also in my aspiration to be a wedding planner. For almost a year and a half we had been looking forward to the big day and it was literally gone in the blink of an eye. We came home from our St. Lucia honeymoon to a brand new apartment that was filled with unpacked boxes (remember we moved in only a few days before we left for the wedding) and unwrapped wedding gifts. My dress was neatly hung in its garment bag, the top tier of our wedding cake was wrapped in our freezer, and my bouquet was already half dried. Our wedding was officially over and put away. I did not want to accept that I was no longer a bride and my life had completely turned upside down.

How someone could feel so incredibly happy to finally be married but oh-so-overwhelmed with "the wedding is over" disappointment simply cannot be described. I think we as a society focus so so SO much on the wedding day and forget that the day is just the first day of marriage. Marriage is what we all should really be preparing for as that is the beginning of your lifetime adventure. Why does society brush off pre-marital counseling? I certainly did as I'm sure many others did too! My thoughts? “Excuse me, we are planning our wedding and that itself should say we’re committed to each other. We do not need that counseling stuff!” Am I alone in this thinking? I’m thinking not. Wedding planning and pre-marital counseling should go hand in hand together. Maybe had Sean and I gone through those motions my mind wouldn’t have been so consumed with just the wedding day. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known and been excited to have THE best husband in the world!) I would have just been more prepared for life after cake tastings, vendor negotiations, and dress fittings!

My post wedding blues have faded and I’ve settled into my new life. I’ve realized I have WAY too many credit cards when I started the fun process of changing my last name! Heck, that was more than enough motivation to pay them off and cut them up before our address changes again! Whew! Our apartment has turned into a home, our home. We’ve got everything unpacked, put in its place (a challenge with our one official and one unofficial closet!) and furnished/decorated each room.We've learned each others quirks and accepted each others imperfections. We're working on life that happens after the wedding and I LOVE IT! This Bride has turned Wife!                                       

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  1. It's NEVER too late for premarital counseling!! My officiant/premarital counselor says that newlyweds come in ALL the time to do it post-wedding--realizing exactly the same things you just wrote about.

    There is NEVER a bad time to get on the same page, be super-duper crystal clear on your goals together, improve your communication and have an older, wiser, married person (or couple, in our case) give you honest advice.

    I've been living with Mark for two years already and we're still finding out new things about each other through this process. I can't recommend it highly enough!!